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Terms of Service

Belle Decors terms and conditions


This contract is between Belle Decors and the client. Booking shall not become effective until the terms and conditions are signed. Once a percentage of the money is paid, Belle Decors shall reserve the date and time agreed upon. If for any reason client has to cancel the booking after payment is complete, Belle Decors retains the money to offset business losses or to compensate the work that are already completed on the project from the payment date to cancellation date.


SERVICES PROVIDED: Belle Decors is responsible for providing decoration service to clients’ events therefore is ONLY responsible for their own belongings. Any and all items rented by the Clients will be the Clients’ responsibility to return after the wedding/event date to the appropriate parties. This includes, but is not limited to… cake stands, vases, linens, chairs, chair covers, etc.


DEPOSIT: the client shall make a deposit of 75% of the total cost decided upon for their events. The deposit amount is to reserve the event date and start any preparation for the event in advance. The deposit is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE and due prior to signing the policies. Belle Decors representative will secure the event Date as soon as the deposit fee has been received and cleared through the bank.


PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY: The Clients agree that the Consultant may use any images or video from the event for the Belle Decors’ portfolio, advertising, website, blog, and/or magazine submissions, and any other means of promotion of Belle Decors in perpetuity. The Clients give express consent to the contracted photographer/videographer to provide access and rights of all pre-event and event photos to Belle Decors as soon as they become available to the client. The Clients shall also ensure that their agreement with the contracted photographer/videographer will provide access and rights to Belle Decors to the photos as soon as they are made available to the client. The Clients waive the right to inspect and approve the finished product written or electronic of their likenesses. Belle Decors is hereby held harmless, released, and forever discharged from all claims, demands, and causes of action which the Clients, or the Clients’ heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other persons acting on the Clients’ behalf. The client agrees to provide all images from the event to Belle Decors as soon as they are available.  Belle Decors gives permission and shall allow the Couple to use any photographs, videos or other recording media in which Belle Decors is in, or part of, in any manner or for any purpose they wish as long as it is reflective in a positive manner.  Permission to photography and videography has NO limit.


PAYMENT: After consulting Belle Decors representative for the event, clients are to book when needed and make a deposit 14 days after to secure the date. The Clients understand and agree that they are responsible for and shall satisfy all obligations owed to vendors or other personas in connection with the services, goods, or accommodations they provide for the Clients. Such monetary obligations due to vendors must be paid directly to the vendors and not through the Belle Decors. Once deposit is done clients have the right to cancel with REFUNDABLE deposit 48 hours after the deposit is made.


IMPOSSIBILITY OF PERFORMANCE: Belle Decors nor Clients are liable in damages, or have the obligation to perform under this policies due to any delay or default in performing if conditions beyond its reasonable control cause such delay acts of God (such as hurricanes, earthquakes or flooding); fire; government restrictions; labor strikes, wars; terrorist acts or threats of terrorism, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of either party whose performance is affected.  These controls do not include the client’s change of heart or personal decision to cancel the event. In case the event is canceled, postponed, or impacted as due to the events described herein, there shall be no refunds for payments received by Belle Decors. However, with clients’ agreement, Belle Decors will use all reasonable efforts to produce the event within a year from the original event date.  Additional fees, if any, may be included by Clients and due to the Belle Decors and/or vendors as a result of a rescheduled event. If clients are not willing to continue with the event after unexpected events as listed above, Belle Decors will provide 50% of the total amount paid (NOT TO INCLUDE THE DEPOSIT).


WEDDING/EVENT PROFESSIONALS (VENDORS) SELECTED: Belle Decors shall not be held accountable for the actions of the venue or vendors. The consultant is not responsible for the acts or inadvertence of any vendor, its employees, suppliers, officers, etc. Any vendors hired by the clients prior to hiring Belle Decors must be approved by the venue selected by the clients and must be executed in written form and provided to Belle Decors within 24 hours of hiring. The client agrees to execute written agreements with all vendors throughout the planning process.


VENUE AND OFFICIANT RESTRICTIONS: Belle Decors’ staff as well as vendors hired by the Clients, may be limited by the guidelines or rules of the venue management. The Clients understand and agree that Belle Decors will abide by such guidelines or rules. Negotiation concerning modifying the guidelines and restrictions is the sole responsibility of the Clients, and the Clients agree to hold Belle Decors harmless and defend us for the impact the guidelines or rules may have on the event.


SUPPLY RETURNS: If hired through a planner, the planner team is responsible of returning all decoration supplies back to Belle Decors when the party is over. If directly dealing with Belle Decors, Belle Decors would be responsible for gathering all their belongings after party per the venue restrictions and tolerances. It could be the day after party or the same night at the end of the party.


MISCELLANEOUS: By signing this agreement, the client agrees to the terms and conditions to be taken seriously. After signing, the client has the right to retain a copy of the signed agreement.

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